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Payment Due Date

Fall 2023:
July 13th – Release Fall Tuition/Fee Charges (housing, dining, etc.)
Aug. 14th – Fall FA Disbursement
Aug. 15th – Fall Due Date
Aug. 22nd – Fall Refund Process begins
Aug. 23rd – Fall Semester Begins
Aug. 30th – Final Late Registration
Sept. 28th – Fall DPP due date #1
Oct. 26th – Fall DPP due date #2
Nov. 20th – Release WMT/Spring 2024 Tuition/Fee Charges

Spring 2024:
Nov. 20th – Release WMT/Spring Charges
Jan. 12th – Spring FA Disbursement
Jan. 12th – WMT/Spring Due Date
Jan. 18th – Spring Refund Process begins
Jan. 22nd – Spring Semester/Late Registration Begins
Jan. 30th – Late Registration Due Date
Feb. 27th – Spring DPP due date #1
Mar. 27th – Spring DPP due date #2
Apr. 10th – Release MT/Summer 2024 Charges