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Deposit Instructions

Hints and Reminders for Daily Deposits

  • There should be nothing in the reference field. Our office uses this field to post.
  • The document header text must begin with the number 1. (exceptions are foundation deposits)
  • One line of the text field needs to contain the preparer’s name and extension phone number.
  • Write hard enough on the original deposit ticket to transfer info to all copies.
  • When attaching back up to the IRIS document, don’t cover up the IRIS information. Attach either on the bottom of the page or behind it.
  • The only thing in the assignment field should be:

1) the deposit ticket number
2) the credit card merchant number
3) NA
4) (leave it blank)

  • Per the bank’s request: All bills should face up (the machines that read the money can only read it if it is face up). Change should be loose. Rubber bands around the money are okay.
  • If your department does their own manifest for deposits, make sure that the amount on the deposit bag matches the amount on the manifest.
  • If you are still having trouble preparing your deposits or the IRIS document, one of our staff can come to the office and help you.

Time Deadlines for Daily Deposits

If deposits are picked up by the security officers this time is set by your department in cooperation with the police department.

If you take your deposits to 210 Student Services Building, they need to be received by 10:30 am. If deposits are delivered later than these times, they will be processed the next day.

If you are out of town and take your deposits to a local bank, you should continue to mail your deposit information; however, if your deposits are made within five business days from the end of the month, you should mail the original information and fax a copy to 865-974-1945.

The Deposit Ticket

The deposit ticket books come in triplicate. The white copy should be included in the deposit bag. One copy should be attached to the IRIS document for entry into the CV. One copy should be maintained by your office/department for departmental records.

The amount of cash listed should be broken down by coin and currency. All checks should be listed individually either on a deposit ticket or on an attached list. If a list is attached, a copy should be included with all three copies of the deposit ticket and the total of the checks should be written on the deposit ticket. Only one deposit ticket per bag.

The coin, currency, and checks should be totaled at the bottom of the deposit ticket and also on the side of the ticket. Please note, these two amounts must match. The bank may or may not take the time to add your deposit ticket to make sure it is correct. If they do not, this could affect the amount for which you receive credit.

Preparation of the Deposit Bag

Inside the bag should be all cash and/or checks that make up the deposit amount. A deposit ticket should also be included. The bag should be folded at the black dotted line. The department name, date, total cash, total checks (this is a dollar amount, not the number of checks included), and total deposit should be completed. The person responsible for the amount of money placed into the bag should be the one to sign the bag. The tear-off record is for your records. The total bank cards should be left blank; credit card receipts should not be sent to the bank in this bag. NOTE that the bank is who opens the bag; it is NOT opened by the Central Cashier’s Office.

Deposit Bag Limits

Limits are set on the amount of coins that can be placed in a deposit bag for safety and security reasons. Too many coins in a deposit bag can cause it to rip and the money to fall out. If this happens there is no guarantee all of the money will be recovered and your department could receive credit for a reduced amount. The bank can also reject the deposit causing you to have to count the coins again. The amounts listed are for your protection; if you feel you need to put less to ensure the security of the bag, please do so; however, please do not put more. If you have any questions, please contact the Bursar’s Office.

The limits are as follows:

  • Small white or clear bags: $100.00
  • Large clear bags: $200.00
  • Extra-large clear bags: $300.00

NOTE: Large and extra-large bags are available upon request. If you request bags, you will be given the small bags unless you specify a larger size.

In addition, the bank does not want coins to be rolled. They have requested coins not be rolled, as they are put into a machine that counts them.

Entering the Deposit in IRIS

You must have been given access to IRIS for the purpose of entering deposits before you begin. If you have not, you should contact someone on the IRIS project.

Deposits are entered through ZFB50ZK2 – Bank Deposit Journal Entry.

Header information

Enter the document date. Posting date automatically defaults to the current date. Doc. Header Text is the short text used to post your document. If your deposit will be posted by the Knoxville Central Cashier’s Office, you must start this field with the number 1, followed by a space. You may then fill in whatever you want or leave the rest of it blank. Doc. type should be ZK.


Enter the g/l account number for the corresponding Knoxville bank g/l along with debit or credit (debit if you are doing a deposit). The doc. currency amount must be the total on the deposit ticket. The assignment number should be the first set (six) of numbers on the side of the deposit ticket next to the routing number and bank account. We would prefer that on the text for this line you include the name and phone number of the person entering the document. This will help us if there are problems and we need to contact you. Do not enter an account number on this line.

You may enter more than one deposit on a document. Each deposit ticket should have its own line of bank entry. The department information can be grouped together but it must total the deposit amounts.

Enter the g/l account number on the next line for your account information along with debit or credit. You may have multiple lines of entry that total the bank line. There should not be an assignment number on this line. Text can say anything your department needs it to; it is a limited space field though. This text field is what will show on your ledger. Enter your account number in the appropriate column.


When you are finished entering your bank and account information, press your enter key. Right below total credits will be a light; if it is green, click on “park.” Make sure to write the document number down for later use.


Once you have parked the document, you may print a copy. Go to “document drop down menu ” at the top. Once the drop down menu appears, choose display, click on document drop down again and choose change, click on the simulate button and print your copies. From there, choose the printer icon or go to document, print. If you cannot print the document so that every column shows, try the customizing of local layout icon (alt-f12) and choose hardcopy. Note that having your “tree on” when you go to the display screen can affect the way it prints. Should you exit the deposit entry screen before you print your document, FB03 is the equivalent. You can print your document from there but you will need that document number.


Once your document is printed (at least two copies), attach the deposit tickets as stated above. You must send one copy of the document with one of the deposit tickets along with your deposit bag. Please do not put it in the bag. If you bring your bag in person, you may bring another copy of the document for us to date-stamp to show that it was received by our office.

Getting Your Deposit to the Bank

You may bring your deposit to the Bursar’s Office at 210 Student Services Building or you may make arrangements with the Police Department at 974-3114 to schedule a pick up time. If you have your deposits picked up, you should complete a manifest. The manifest is located on the Bursar page under the Central Cashier tab/Supplies/Deposit Manifests.